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 Test weight cart
Test weight carts available in 4 and 6 wheel versions. Meets NIST specifications and tolerances for new field standard test carts per Handbook 105-8. NTEP required calibrated fuel tank and sealed 12 VDC battery assembly. Center-mounted engine for better lifting balance. Also comes with a folding operator stair assembly.
  • Calibrated cart weight: 4,000 LBS, optional empty cart weights of 3,000, 3,500, 4,500, 5,000, 5,500 and 6,000 LBS are available
  • Test weight capacity: capable of holding twenty-four 1,000# test weights (4-wheel version)” and thirty 1,000# test weights (6-wheel version)
  • Standard interior test bed dimensions: 63” width X 47 ½” length X 30” height
  • 4-wheel cart wheel center dimensions of 3’ length X 4’-8 ½”
  • Gasoline-powered, 25 Horsepower, liquid-cooled engine with electric start
  • Hydraulic torque hub drive and hydraulic power steering
  • Pressurized oil filtering system
  • Sealable shot ballast tank and sealable hydraulic fluid tank
  • 21” diameter X 6” width smooth tires
  • Hour meter on engine
    Available options:
  • Custom basket size
  • Thru-floor lifting for low-clearance applications
  • Hydraulic rail gear for use in railroad scale testing applications
  • Custom lettering and/or graphics for your company